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Belajar Bahasa Inggris dari rumah, program belajar 1 tahun sampai dengan level Advance....

KBA Mandiri singkatan dari Kursus Belajar untuk Anak secara Mandiri (Home Schooling). Galery produk berkualitas untuk pembelajaran bahasa asing, pengasah kecerdasan dan penambah pengetahuan, sehingga anak/ siswa dapat belajar dengan mandiri dirumah, dibimbing orang tua, atau siapapun yang diberi kepercayaan(Home Schooling). Kuncinya adalah belajar dilakukan dengan metode "fun learning" agar anak tidak mengalami stres dalam belajar lanjut baca

Senin, 30 November 2009


The BBC, the most prestigious institution in language teaching with over 80 years experience, decided to create a course in cartoon to teach English as a second language to children of 2 years and up. That's how Muzzy was born
The initial version for learning English was soon followed by others for learning different languages. Today not only has it become the most successful language course in the world but it has also proved to be equally effective for teaching young people and adults.
Muzzy's first secret is that it employs a natural method, the same as we use as children when weare learningour native language : listening to words and associating them with the images or actions they represent. The second is motivation: MUZZY makes learning fun!
If you've had difficulty learning languages don't let the same happen to your children.

Muzzy is a gift for life that your children will always thank you for, an advantage at school and guarantee for their future. With Muzzy they will retain what they learn because of the way the course work. It has been proved that sooner a child starts learning languages, the faster and better they will learn.

A course which will also benefit you enormously

If you've never managed to master foreign language, try learning with Muzzy. Why not? While you help your children, you will find that the system works for you too. If you already speak a language, try out the interactive exercise on CD-ROMs and you'll see how you with MUZZY you can practice your knowledge and correct your mistakes when writing.
The Language course which has won more prizes than any others in the world
Winner of numerous international awards for the best educational products of its kind, Muzzy has been used by the most prestigious language school worldwide. The famous University of Harvard sponsored a seminar which Muzzy was used to demonstrate the value of multimedia teaching.

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